Queen Bee

The disappearance of the bees all around the world is a problem that does not just threaten the honey industry, but severely harms many branches of agriculture • Michal Roizman and her partners found a way to help beekeepers to save the bees - and with them, the world

Hadas Bashan

Forbes 30 Under 30 – Meet the Class of 2019

With groundbreaking ideas, a spirit of doing and unusual talent - these young people are redesigning the world

Dror Shaier

For the First Time in Israel: The Forbes Under30 Global Women’s Summit

Forbes USA is hosting an Under30 conference dedicated to women for the first time - in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv • The young women invited will meet with senior figures in the Israeli economy, hear lectures and will travel the country

Forbes Staff

The Man who Makes Life More Colorful

Tony Levy lives between Israel and Japan, one month here, the next there, and after establishing a successful chain of jewelry stores, he brought “Laline” to the Japanese and acquired real estate in both countries. With his great love of design, his impressive collection of cars, and a colorful persona which attracts attention both in Tokyo and Tel Aviv - he found a little spare time to tell Forbes Israel his story

Brand Voice

The Greatest Technological Challenges of Our Time

A Forbes Special: We looked closely at six promising areas that are at the frontier of humanity's technological efforts. Why is it that the revolution that each promises is not already happening? What are the challenges that face developers - and when could we really give up driving, cure diseases using gene therapy or even fully charge our smartphone in 3 minutes?

Dror Shaier

Blockchain: Will it Create the new Internet?

Blockchain technology, which brought us Bitcoin, promises much more than digital coins * The foundational principle of decentralization may change the entire economy and create a “new Internet network”, which will focus on cooperation * Getting there will require overcoming big challenges - the huge energy costs, security issues, and regulation

Avishai Ovadia

Immunotherapy: An Unconventional Weapon

In recent years the war against cancer has experienced a revolution thanks to immunotherapy drugs, which have practically reinvented the field • These innovative drugs have triggered an onslaught - not only of immune system cells on cancerous tumors, but also of the pharmaceutical giants on a market that is swelling to huge proportions • Nevertheless, the road to eradicating the disease is still long

Yuval Hirshorn

The Autonomous Car: Are You Driving Your Last Car?

Judging by the conversation, it would seem that we are moments away from trading in our outdated cars for autonomous vehicles • In reality, there are many more challenges before we can declare the completion of the autonomous project: profitability, AI capabilities, and of course, matters of safety and regulation

Daniel Schmiel

Artificial Intelligence: “We expect ‘smart-ness’ from everything”

They can recognize photos, talk, invent new drugs and improve themseleves through constant learning • How far will the abilities of artificial intelligence go? And what needs to happen in order for us to be able to create a complete human brain? • Ami Luttwak, the CTO of Microsoft Israel’s development center, believes that much depends on the availability of information and supporting and making the field accessible to more developers

Roni Kerzner

Is Genetic Medicine the End of all Illness?

The genomic revolution is part of science and medicine for several decades, and the global gaze is fixed on the future’s wonder drugs which will fight every disease at the DNA level • While scientifically it seems as though the future is almost here, it turns out that the biggest challenge is actually in the business realm

Yuval Hirshorn