Trade War II

Loyal to his style of negotiation, precisely when it was starting to look like we were on the brink of a historical agreement, President Trump re-ignited the global trade war and sent the markets into a tailspin • While the American economy was at its peak and the Chinese economy was continuing to reveal signs of distress, Trump’s hand appeared to be stronger - but America has much to lose in this extended poker game between the big powers

Itay Zehorai

AdMaven Launches the New Version of its Optimization Engine – Ad Maven v. A.I 8.0.0

One of the world's leading advertising networks, is unveiling its new Martech product. The new version is based on a series of stacked algorithms, in order to match the right ad at the right time


Operating Room

From the crisis in the internal medicine departments to relations with the health maintenance organizations, from the gaps in the center and the periphery to the gender gaps • Forbes brought together six hospital directors for an open discussion on the health system’s most burning problems • Here are the diagnoses

Yuval Hirshorn

To infinity and beyond: By age 90 we’ll reach the moon

Eight years and a ton of work was required for the dream of the first Israeli spacecraft to come about - but it wouldn’t have happened without the involvement of Morris Kahn, who decided to take the mission as a personal project (and spend $40 million on it) • And while the craft does a selfie with planet Earth, Kahn cannot allow himself to rest, and at age 89 and a bit, he continues to do the two things that he loves most - contribute and enjoy every moment of life

Roni Kerzner

More than a million patients per year: What’s drawing everyone to Sheba in Israel?

Sheba is the heart and hub of medical innovation in Israel. It is the force that constantly pumps new life into global healthcare, biotechnology, digital hospital systems, and patient-centric care. What’s going on at Sheba that puts it at the forefront of international healthcare and attracts patients from all over the world?


“We believe in the strength of the British economy”

Now of all times, when the British economy is rocking and roaring around the Brexit crisis, brothers Ronen, Noam and Gilad, who, together manage the revenue yielding property company, Z. C. Ronogil Investments Ltd., have identified an economic opportunity to start investing in office blocks and trade centres. Over a period of time, they are convinced, cutting themselves off from the continent will do Britons good. An interview with a family endowed with patience and long-range vision”

Brand Voice

A Major Medical Breakthrough

Tel Aviv University researchers have printed the world’s first 3D engineered heart Using Patient’s Own Cells and Materials * Their findings will be published today, April 15th 2019, in a study in Advanced Science

Forbes Staff

Facing Forward: The Schwartz-Arad Surgical Center

The Schwartz-Arad Surgical Center is a unique facility which integrates oral, maxillofacial and plastic surgery • The center includes operating rooms for moderate surgery and treatment rooms equipped with advanced digital technologies • The center prioritizes patient privacy

Ayelet Rozentzwieg

Taiwan Trade Organization Opens Offices in Tel Aviv

In order to promote industrial cooperation between Israel and Taiwan, TAITRA opened its representative office in Israel. Chairman of TAITRA, James Huang, arrived at the opening event with a large delegation of businesspeople

David Lipkin

Young and Restless: Meet Forbes 30 Under 30 2019

A researcher from Stanford University, founder and CEO of Diagnostic Robotics, puppet designer, musician and school principal • These are just some of the 2019 cycle of Forbes 30 under 30

Forbes Staff