The working spaces company SOK opens offices in Tel Aviv

The international company SOK opened the first smart offices in Israel. More than 3,000 square meters of a workspace in the Nitsba Tower in Tel Aviv , which accommodate more than 500 job places

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December’s marketing person of the month: Asaf Azulay from Bank Hapoalim

Azulay, head of Bank Hapoalim’s marketing headquarters, was chosen by the Israeli Marketing Association for the strategic advances he made which situated the bank in their new status as a young and innovative brand

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“Loves making history”

Tony Levy, one of the most successful Israelis in Japan, with his international design empire and the creative ability to connect between the Japanese and Israeli business cultures, knows that much of his life is a childhood dream come true • With the new competition that he launched at Shenkar College of Design, two new Ferraris on their way to him, and plans to enter the Chinese market - Levy continues to dream big


“I’m stubborn, I never give up”

When he was 7 years old, Rani Zim found a box of lego in the trash, washed it and began to build - and he has not stopped working in construction since • Even today, ruling a business empire that includes starting, building and managing shopping centers across the country, investing in profitable properties in the US, he does not rest for so much as a moment


How AI will change the world of digital marketing and why it’s so powerful

The challenge facing any marketing executive is to talk to the customer in a personal way • Artificial intelligence enables you to leverage the information gathered on the road to create a more enjoyable experience


Forbes Presents: the most promising Israeli startups in New York

The list was unveiled last night on a formal event at Forbes on Fifth in the heart of New York City • During the event, Randal Lane, the editor-in-chief of Forbes USA, interviewed Professor Amnon Shashua, President and CEO of Mobileye

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Forbes 10 Under $30M

The Most Promising Young Israeli Startups in New York

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“Art and Collecting are Passions”

Why do financial institutions support art fairs, how are art works selected for corporate collections, and how do collectors deal with challenges such as storing art works and preserving them for future generations? Christine Novakovic, a member of the executive committee of UBS Switzerland and a member of its art board, reveals a little of what goes on behind the scenes at the interface between art and business

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The Agriculture Cloud

From the living room of their Berlin apartment, Osnat Michaeli, Erez Galonska and his brother Guy developed a hydroponic system for growing vegetables and herbs • Today their farms, controlled remotely via the cloud, are distributed among hundreds of supermarkets across Europe • After raising more than $100 million, they are now on their way to the USA and Japan • The goal? “To be in 10,000 supermarkets around the world by 2020”

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