The Agriculture Cloud

From the living room of their Berlin apartment, Osnat Michaeli, Erez Galonska and his brother Guy developed a hydroponic system for growing vegetables and herbs • Today their farms, controlled remotely via the cloud, are distributed among hundreds of supermarkets across Europe • After raising more than $100 million, they are now on their way to the USA and Japan • The goal? “To be in 10,000 supermarkets around the world by 2020”

Roni Kerzner

December’s marketing person of the month: Asaf Azulay from Bank Hapoalim

Azulay, head of Bank Hapoalim’s marketing headquarters, was chosen by the Israeli Marketing Association for the strategic advances he made which situated the bank in their new status as a young and innovative brand

Forbes Staff

The Richest Terror Organizations in the World

Follow the money: where do the richest terror organizations in the world get their funding? Forbes Israel with a ranking that you should worry about

Itay Zehorai

“Art and Collecting are Passions”

Why do financial institutions support art fairs, how are art works selected for corporate collections, and how do collectors deal with challenges such as storing art works and preserving them for future generations? Christine Novakovic, a member of the executive committee of UBS Switzerland and a member of its art board, reveals a little of what goes on behind the scenes at the interface between art and business

Roni Kerzner